Clarification of board member expectations:

We want to express gratitude towards all that have shown interest in a board member position.
I’ve gotten a lot of questions regarding the specific obligations and requirements of those particular roles in question.

Technically, the current duties of the Social chair and Secretary are as follows;
Duties of the Social Chair. The Social Chair is responsible for planning social events and recurring events for the community.

Duties of the Secretary. The Secretary shall keep a record of all minutes of the Society’s regular and business meetings.

We prefer that you can also help with Facebook moderation(approving and denying posts in the group), meeting with the board of directors roughly monthly – biweekly on the weekends via virtual meeting, and attending official GAAS events in person as they happen. Our main vessel of communication is Discord. We prefer you can be active in the board section of Discord where we have informal discussions about the club.
I’d also like to stress the importance of being at the June 4 Summer Swap event if you’re looking to get involved with the community.

Now, for the real answer:
Candidly, I think what matters most is that you’re interested in being involved in the fishkeeping community. You want to contribute to GAAS. You’re willing to put in effort in a volunteer position within a nonprofit organization. That you’re a team player.
We all share the work, we all help out. We are flexible and understanding. There will be 7 of us on the board.
Don’t get caught up on the duties as they appear in the description. We can help with the duties specific to the “role” so I wouldn’t get too hung up on the name of the position if that makes sense
You don’t really need to be qualified in any way, as long as you are willing to learn what’s needed.
Feel free to reach out to me (Bayleigh) with any questions you may have regarding being on the Board.

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