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A message from your president: 

Hi, I’m Bayleigh, your 2023-2024 GAAS President! 
Your Board Members and I have been meeting weekly to discuss the inner workings of the club, and in an effort to improve the club and ensure its future success, we would like to propose amendments to the constitution and bylaws. 

We also need to elect a new secretary and social chair member to fill the currently vacant roles.
 Apply for a position at this link.  
In accordance with the currently standing constitution and  bylaws, these changes must be voted on by our members.

These amendments will be formally proposed and voted on at 3:00pm on Sunday June 4th at The Arc of Texas at the Summer Plant Swap event Hosted by GAAS. 

If you’d like to see specific changes to the bylaws or have your voice heard, we highly suggest that you bring this to the attention of the Board before June 4th, as this will be the final vote on the finalized version of the new proposed bylaws and amendments. 

If you are a current paid club member, please reach out so that we can confirm your membership in Discord, and add you to the members chat channel, where updates and voting will be delivered. 

Want to be on the GAAS Board??? We're looking for new board members!!
We need to elect a new secretary and social chair member to fill the currently vacant roles, in accordance with the current bylaws. 
 Apply for a position here! 

The Current Duties of the Social chair and Secretary are as follows; 

Duties of the Social Chair. The Social Chair is responsible for planning social events and recurring events for the community.

Duties of the Secretary. The Secretary shall keep a record of all minutes of the Society’s regular and business meetings. 

Your obligations include meeting with the board of directors weekly on Sundays via virtual meeting and attending official GAAS events in person. 

*Clarification of Board Member Expectations

In the mean time, please continue to watch us for updates and news. Please make use of our official Discord server for communicating, buying and selling. Our official Facebook page for updates. And our Facebook group for communications, questions, sales of equipment and supplies,  and free rehoming of livestock. Please remember per Facebook rules we cannot allow sales of live animals through Facebook. Only posts that specifically specify “Free” .

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