GAAS Fall 2023 Trade Show

Sunday, October 1

📍8001 Centre Park Drive, Suite 100, Austin, Texas 78754
(The Arc of Texas)

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Open to the public!
All are welcome to attend, regardless of GAAS membership status or fishkeeping status!

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Ticket Pricing:

  • General Admission Adult: $5
  • General Admission Children 6 and Under: $3
  • Babies 3 and under: Free
  • Club Member Discount: 75% off Ticket Price
  • Event Volunteers: Free

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*Please note you will not recieve an actual “ticket”. 
While it is helpful, proof of purchase is not necessarily required to be kept and shown. 
GAAS will keep record of all purchases, and will be able to verify tickets digitally, you do not need to provide anything. 

Contact us at to receive club member discount code, or to inquire about being a volunteer to help with the event!

*Club Members are defined as active club members who have paid for a membership within the last 12 months. This includes family members on active family membership plans.
Club Member Discount is available on online pre-sale tickets only.

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Aquatic Vendors


TFK Aquatics Rare Tropical fish and Driftwood
Armored Cat Aquatics Variety of fish, specializing in catfish. Also tanks and hard goods
Buce Studio Hard to find Buce and Anubias. Some neocaridina shrimp too.
Addicting Aquatics New and used equipment, hardgoods, hardscape, live fish including angels, bristlenose plecos, livebearers, and cichlids!
Bristlenose Factory Bristlenose plecos and african cichlids
Julian’s Fish Tshirts and stickers, plants, botanicals, shrimp food, driftwood.
Joel Fish Transhipper
Creekwood Aquatics Creekwood Aquatics is a small start-up that specializes in the aquaculture of live foods for aquariums.
Siren Emylie Aquatic themed art, apparel, earrings, and more jewelry.
John’s Tropical Fish Angel Fish, Plecos and Rams. Specifically midnight black rams and Dutch blue rams.
Aquatic Asylum Live fish, plants, stickers, decals
Fishtubers Vibes Aquatics

Food Vendors:

Delilah’s Front Porch Menu:

Demos and Speakers:

Hiep Hong

Hiep will be here again in October with another demo!


Looking For Vendors!

Click here to apply for a table!

Vendor Table Pricing:
Table- Standard 6×2 plastic folding table provided – $25
Second Table- +$10
Heavy Duty XL weight-bearing table- +$5
Tablecloth- Rent or Purchase- +$5

More Vendor Information here.

Event Volunteers

Click Here For Volunteer Application!

Light snacks and refreshments will be provided to volunteers!

Free entry into the event provided to those who volunteer.

One shift = 2 hours 

The expectation is that you show up and work 1 two-hour shift, in exchange for free entry, and free food.

And then you can hang out at the event when you’re not working your volunteer shift!

You can work more if you’d like, and you’re allowed to change your mind, but please communicate your availability so we can change the schedule accordingly! 🙂