2023 Board Members

2023-2024 GAAS Board Members

  • President- Bayleigh Rizzo
  • Vice president- Spandan Timilsina
  • Treasurer- Frank Dizenzo
  • Secretary- Zennia Mausser
  • Board Member at Large- Eloy Martinez
  • Board Member at Large- Elijsha Davis (Eddie)
  • Social Chairman- Jacob Smiley

About Us

Hi I’m Bayleigh, your 2023-2024 GAAS president! 
I’m really looking forward to this new chapter in GAAS and turning a new leaf for the club. 
I started getting really involved in fishkeeping hobby right before the big freeze of February 2021. I found GAAS and was instantly surprised by the amount of generosity, kindness and sense of community between fishkeepers, and while trading, buying and selling I’ve met a lot of very kind and giving people along the way and have continued to be inspired by their acts of generosity. 
I currently keep all nano freshwater tanks 20gallon and under. I also culture live feeders in my garage fish room! 
I’m a hairstylist by trade, and I live in Georgetown, TX with my partner and a cat, two guinea pigs, and of course my fish tanks.

Hello, I’m Spandan and I’ve been in the hobby ever since I was in middle school, I’ve had my own tanks since then so I have been in the hobby about 15 years. My Dad and brother inspired me to get into loving fish and pets in general. I currently keep a saltwater and freshwater setup I love calm fish and cool plants. My dream fish is a mandarin goby pair in my reef tank. For my day-job I work as a Site Reliability Engineer at a banking firm and I love the calmness of staring at my fish tank after work.

Frank began fishkeeping in South Florida in 2008. After starting with his first 10 gallon tank of painted gravel and zebra danios, he has since moved on to the finer things in freshwater fishkeeping – like controsoil and celestial pearl danios. Frank is a former public accountant and lives in the South Congress area of Austin.

Eddie “Vibes”
Vibes began fishkeeping in South East Austin in 2020.
Started with an outdoor summer tub with goldfish and live plants, and since moved inside with aquariums of different sizes, including African cichlids, community fish, discus, and even saltwater!
Vibes is currently a storage shed builder and lives in Bastrop, TX.

Vibes is passionate about sharing the hobby with others on social media! Check him out!

Hi, my name’s Eloy. I’ve kept fish off and on since I was a kid. Got back into the hobby with a betta and an anubias about a year before the pandemic. But, it was my decision to pick up a few chili rasboras I fell in love with at Aquatek that kickstarted my passion for heavily planted tanks and nano fish. I’m a Dallas transplant who’s been in Austin since 2011 and work as a technical account manager for a cloud startup.

Hi, I’m Jacob Smiley, I’m a 17 year old Senior at Rouse High School and I have a passion for aquariums and aquatic life! I’ve worked at two fish stores and have a lot of experience in both fresh and saltwater. I also placed 7th in the 2023 Aquashella Dallas Aquascaping contest in May! My favorite fish are Celestial Pearl Danios and Copperband Butterflyfish!

Zennia “Gingerfrost”

Zennia has always had an interest in fishkeeping, however was taught incorrect information for the longest of time. She had finally managed to settle down in Austin right before the pandemic hit; with a stable home could branch deeper into her interests. Succeeding in catching the Multi-tank Syndrome she currently houses many various fish, live cultures, and amphibians.