Fish Rehoming Resources

Fish Rehoming and Sales Resources

Due to having a large market on Facebook for selling and rehoming livestock, but not being allowed to do so on Facebook, here are some resources you may find helpful in finding new homes, buying, selling or trading livestock including fish and inverts.

GAAS as a club and entity does not have the capacity to take in rescues or donations of any live animals, fish, inverts, etc.
GAAS can take in donations of hard goods, gently used equipment, tanks, etc. This is on a case-by-case basis as space is limited.


Join Our Discord Server!
Livestock Sales Allowed? YES
Post in #💰-bst-buy-sell-trade channel – This is our primary online marketplace.


Join Our Facebook Group
Livestock Sales Allowed?- NO
Livestock posts are allowed if clearly and obviously labeled with the word “FREE”

Facebook Community Chats – 💰buy / sell / trade 💵
Livestock Sales Allowed? YES

Facebook Policy on Animal buying/selling
Read: Things that can’t be listed for sale on Facebook Marketplace

Things that are allowed on Facebook:
-Sales of Equipment, Tanks, and Plants.
-Free to a good home animals- Livestock posts are allowed if clearly and obviously labeled with the word “FREE”
-Asking for links to fish stores to purchase from online.

Not Allowed on Facebook Groups:
-Buying, selling, or trading, live animals aka livestock.
-Selling your fish in the comments of posts.
-“Whole tank complete setups” that include pictures of livestock. The livestock must be listed separately for free. Photos of tanks for sale including livestock in the photos must be CLEARLY labeled as “Livestock Not Included” and/or “Livestock Not for Sale”.

More info:
GAAS Facebook Group Rules




Livestock Sales are allowed on Reddit.
GAAS is not affiliated with Reddit or aquaswap communities.

Your Local Fish Stores

Some Local Fish Stores (LFS’s) in the Austin area take trade-in’s or donations of fish and equipment. Trade-in’s are typically for store credit, not cash. They are also not given at full retail value, as they must try to make a profit on reselling the fish or used equipment.
Please call your local stores ahead of time to see if they can accept your trade in.

In Person, at GAAS Events and Swaps

Sales of livestock are always allowed in-person, at GAAS functions!
Please exercise caution bringing live fish to events, as its a lot of stress on the animal, if you do not have a buyer prearranged ahead of time.
We recommend gauging interest or prearranging a sale ahead of time on our online forums and sites, such as Discord and Facebook Chats, and using the event venue as the meeting place for the exchange to take place.

San Marcos River Fish Drop off and Adoptions

The Discovery Center Pet Fish Drop Off & Adoption program is intended to prevent non-native fish from entering the San Marcos River and competing with native species habitat. The public is invited to drop off or adopt a fish free of charge during business hours. 

Link to more info

Link to more info

Austin Pond Society

Koi rescues, may be able to take large goldfish and plecos as well.

Resources Page
Email them for more information.

GAAS is not affiliated or endorsed by the Austin Pond Society.


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