GAAS Aquatic Sciences Education Donation Program

GAAS Aquatic Sciences Education Donation Program

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Are you an Aquatic Sciences Teacher? Do you know an Aquatic Sciences Education Program in need of donations or supplies?

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About this Program:
This program is intended for all educators involved in Aquatic Sciences,  Fisheries, Environmental Sciences, Ichthyology, Aquatic Ecosystems, Limnology, etc, as it relates to aquatic plants and animals, that have a need for donations to benefit the classrooms and programs. 

GAAS will try our best to meet the needs of applicants, but our ability to make donations is not guaranteed. Ability to fulfil requests is dependent on items being donated to the club, items currently in inventory, and availability of funds.


Monetary Donations
Would you like to donate to the GAAS Aquatic Sciences Education Programs Fund, which goes towards providing educators and programs with monetary contributions?
Donate via PayPal!

If you cannot donate money, please consider sharing this program with others. A share on social media, or by word of mouth is free.

Item Donations
GAAS can take in donations of hard goods, gently used equipment, tanks, etc. This is on a case-by-case basis as space is limited. These donations go towards our Aquatic Sciences Education Donation Program, which gives back to education programs in need.
To make arrangements to donate new or gently used items, please email

GAAS does not have the capacity to accept rescues or donations of live animals.
If you need to give away an animal, we highly suggest our Facebook group or similar local Texas groups for fishkeepers. If you are looking to sell or trade animals, our Discord server is the best place to start.

About our Organization
GAAS was established in 2018 with a goal of establishing an Aquatic Society in Austin that would continue to benefit the community for as long as possible.

We are a 501c3 non-profit organization comprised of fishkeeping hobbyists and the fish-curious.
We seek to unlock the potential for an aquarium hobbyists club in the ever growing greater Austin area.

With this program, GAAS hopes to be able to gift students and teachers with much needed supplies.