Photo Contest

Greater Austin Aquarium Society Photo Contest!

July’s winner taken by Jenn DeForke

June’s Winner by Ashley – @ aquaticasylum on Instagram

Submit your photo to be featured on GAAS social media accounts and in person at our events! 

Contest will be a recurring series of mini photo contests, occurring roughly once a month.

Chance to be featured and recognized on our social accounts: Instagram, Facebook, Discord, Webpage, and marketing materials!

May’s first place winner by public vote!
Habrosus Corydoras – taken by Jessica – @shootymclooty_ on Instagram

Click Here for Entry Form!

Entries may also become our Facebook Cover photo, if in an applicable format or composition. Example below of preferred dimensions: 

GAAS Photo Contest Rules, Terms and Conditions 

Terms and Conditions:

Entries may become our Facebook Cover photo, if in an applicable format or composition. See image above for preferred “sweet spot” dimensions available on mobile and desktop versions of Facebook.
Contest winner is not necessarily the photo chosen for Facebook banner.

Photo content must be related to or inspired by aquariums, aquatic life, aquatic plants, fish, or marine life.

Winner will be chosen by popular vote, via a public online voting form.

Submissions must be sent via Jotform Photo contest form.

Images should be high resolution, clear, and good quality with good subject matter. 

Images should not be blurry, low resolution, pixelated, grainy, or distorted. 

(GAAS Board may eliminate any entries that break any rules or terms, or aren’t high quality, clear images) 


1 photo per entrant per contest series. (Contest will be a recurring series of monthly* mini photo contests)
*Contest will occur roughly once per month, optimally.

Photo must have been taken in the last 12 months (1 year)  prior to entry. 

Photo must belong to entrant. 

Entrant must reside in the state of Texas. 

Photo release: 

By entering you understand and accept the following: 

Photos submitted may be used for any of the following purposes including but not limited to: 
Social media accounts, Instagram, Facebook, discord, website content, email marketing, newsletters, or physical print marketing materials. 

Submitter of photos understands there will be no payment for photos released by this statement. 

By submitting the photo contest form, you understand and agree that the name given on the form must have been the same person to take the photos, and owns the rights to the files uploaded. 

You may submit to photos on someone else’s behalf. 
You may only submit on someone else’s behalf if they are fully consenting, aware of the circumstances, and by submitting you both agree to this release. 

By submitting photos you  waive any right to inspect or approve the finished photographs or electronic matter may be used in conjunction with them now or in the future, whether that use is known to you or unknown. 

By submitting you grant creative permission to the Board allowing them to alter or edit photos. 

I understand that I may revoke this authorization release at any time by notifying the Board in writing. The revocation will not affect any actions taken before the receipt of this written notification.