Auction Information

ATTENTION SELLERS: Please fill out this form PRIOR to the auction so we can have your information in the system and make the registration process go much smoother!

GAAS Auction Rules

This is not meant as a comprehensive list of rules, and the club reserves the right to make rulings as necessary for anything not explicitly covered here.

  • The auction is free and open to the public. There is a $5 fee to bid unless you are a paid member. Private and professional sellers and buyers are both welcomed.
  • GAAS will not be held responsible for any loss, damage, theft, or injury to any auction item before, during, or after the auction.
  • Acceptable items to be placed up for auction include Live fish, aquatic plants and semi-aquatic plants, invertebrates, new substrate, hardscape, fish food live or dry, and aquarium equipment. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by email prior to the auction.
  • Prohibited items include illegal fish or plants
  • The club reserves the right to refuse to auction any prohibited item or any item for which we are unable to determine its legality and/or appropriateness.
  • Sellers are limited to 30 items per auction!
  • Accepted forms of payments include Cash, Major Credit Card or PayPal.
  • All sales are final.
  • Lots will not be split up once they are entered into the auction.
  • You are responsible for any auctions won with your bidder card.
  • Any unsold items can be reclaimed by the seller. Any abandoned items become the property of the club.
  • The seller agrees to donate to the club the first dollar from each sale, followed by the following split. 75% to the buyer on the balance of the sale and 25% to the club.
  • All auctions that you have won must be paid for before you leave the auction.
  • Sellers will receive payment at the conclusion of the auction when cash holdings allow it. Sellers who leave without cashing out will be mailed a check as soon as possible. It is our recommendation to be willing to take your payout via cash or PayPal.

  • Zip Lock Bags are Not Allowed
  • Please be smart about how your fish or inverts are bagged for auction. If a species tends to be aggressive. Bag them separately and combine the bags in a larger bag for their safety.
  • Please do not bring fry or babies for auction. The Auction Committee will inspect all bags of fish sold. The Auction Chairperson has the final determination on whether a bag of fish or an item can be sold.
  • If you are selling 3 or more (or a colony) of one species of fish, the fish must be sold as a group. (one singular item number) This helps with the speed and flow of the auction.
  • Each bag must be labeled with the following information: Seller ID, Species of Fish, Number of Fish, Description (if necessary), and a unique item number.
  1. The seller ID will consist of at least 3 initials of the sellers’ name. In the event of a duplicate, an alternate ID will be assigned.
  2. If you’re selling 10 items, your items should be numbered 1-10. The information must be legible–use black lettering directly on the item or lettering on a white label on the item. Make sure you use permanent markers that won’t run or smear when they get wet.
  3. Examples of how your lettering/labels should read on a bag of fish:

Seller ID: DMA

Item Number: 001

3 Male Endlers

  • Items that are not fish, must be labeled with the seller ID and item #. If the item contents are not obvious, a description must be on the label. Any used item should have the estimated age and condition of the item on the label.
  • All fish should be in double inverted bagged or be in 2 mil (minimum) bags. Adult males and females should be separately bagged. GAAS reserves the right to determine if bagging is acceptable. There will be a $2.00 charge to the seller for any fish that need to be re-bagged.
  • The seller may designate any submission as a 100% donation of the proceeds to GAAS. All 100% donations are exempt from rules.
  • Sellers wishing to post a minimum bid (Commonly Known as a Reserve Price) on any item must indicate this at registration. The amount of the minimum bid must be included on the label. If the item does not sell, there will be a $2 cash processing fee that will be collected before the item is returned to the seller.
  • Please bag your livestock appropriately so it does not roll around on the tables.


  • Know what you are bidding on. All items are available for inspection prior to the auction. Take the time to examine each item so you positively know what it is BEFORE you bid.
  • Payment for auction items will be in cash or credit cards.
  • Each bidder must register and be assigned their own bidder number. GAAS will not split items sold under one bidder number between multiple bidders at checkout time. Each bidder is responsible for EVERYTHING bought with their bidder number.
  • When an item is sold, the runner will bring the item to the buyer.
  • No one will be allowed to leave the facility without items indicating that they have been paid for.

If you have a question on any of these rules or something not currently covered in this version of the rules please feel free to email or