Breeder Award Program/Horticultural Award Program

Like to breed fish, propagate plants or want to learn how? These two programs reward the efforts of our members in both these areas. Whether you can stock a lake with all your fish kiddos or you are just looking to get your feet wet (nudge nudge wink wink) the BAP and the HAP can be tons of fun to participate in. These programs are free to our members. Additionally if you become a master breeder you can earn a free lifetime membership! Program guidelines are posted below, so that you can read up on how it works. Members have access to the points list and species registration forms. As our members bring in their broods and baby plants they will be auctioned off at meetings. These auctions of course are for members only too. All of the auction proceeds will go to fund the HAP/BAP programs. Let us know if you have any questions, the current BAP and HAP committee consists of Lisa Blair and Gary Brandt.